Lean Software Development – my Experience

Dear Leanlites,

I am Rajavel, working in one of the R&D product companies in India. In this blog I share my experiences on applying lean principles for software development (LSD) and also explore couple of topics on lean software development such as Eliminate Waste, Deliver Fast, Optimize the Whole

I had heard of Agile and Lean practices, but I never applied in my career. Fortunately, I was introduced to lean practices a year back by Tathagat Varma (TV), Founder at Thought Leadership. With little knowledge on lean principles I started applying them for my products. After applying I see BIG positive differences in my products delivery. Initially, I started focusing on “De-feature than over-feature, Debug than log-bug” in the software which helped me a lot in the delivery. With lean practices, I could deliver software by time with limited resources.

Good LSD Links:

Topics on Lean software development:

Eliminate Waste: Lean means a systematic method for the elimination of waste. In the software development, waste such as unnecessary features, unclear requirements, process than proceed affects the efficiency of the system. One of the lean software development principles blogs I like is “7 Key Principles of Lean Software Development” by Kelly Waters. Based on this blog, here I explain how I applied lean principles in the software development.

Let me share my experience on waste elimination with simple example. I was working on developing multimodality Medical imaging software, in recent past. Here I share how I applied Waste Elimination while developing the software.

In medical Imaging software, few common features such as Brightness/Contrast, Zoom-In/Out, Pan-Image, Flip-Image, and Rotate-Image are common requirements from users. Unfortunately, many a times these options are given in various places such as Tool menu, File menu, and Right-Click menu. But when I discuss with customers who primarily use multimodality medical imaging software every day, I got to know that most of the customers use options from only one menu, preferably right-click menu. The clarity in requirements makes me remove those features from multiple menu items. By removing duplication, a set of advantages I see are, Software development time got reduced, testing time got reduced, software become more user friendly rather than confusing. Similarly, few manual operations that can be done by automation are automated which save user time and improve the user experience.


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